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n : Number of Compound Periods
%:Interest Rate
PV :Present Value (Principal)
PMT : Payment Amount
FV : Future Value (Principal and Interest, or Final
Payment Amount)
P/Y : Number of Annual Payments (PMT)
C/Y : Number of Annual Compoundings
This calculator performs interest (I) calculations using
Newton’s Method, which produces approximate values
whose precision can be affected by various calculation
conditions. Because of this, interest calculation results
produced by this calculator should be used keeping the
above limitation in mind, or the results should be verified.
•When you use f and c to select an item that can be
calculated, the “=” changes to “7”. You can perform a
calculation by inputting the required values for the other
items, and then pressing the l key. Performing the
calculation causes the “7” to change back to “=”.
k Cash Flow Mode
The Cash Flow (CASH) mode calculates the total of
income and expenses over a fixed period, and then uses
the discounted cash flow (DCF) method to perform
investment appraisal. The following four items are
NPV : Net Present Value
IRR :Internal Rate of Return
PBP : Payback Period*
NFV : Net Future Value
* The payback period (PBP) can also be called the
“discounted payback period” (DPP). When the annual
interest rate (
I) is zero, the PBP is called the “simple
payback period” (SPP).