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No. Display Name
Values Used
in Examples
4 n
Number of Coupon
Payments Until Maturity
5 RDV*
Redemption Price per $100
of face value
6 CPN*
Coupon Rate 3%
7 PRC*
Price per $100 of face value
8 YLD Annual Yield 4%
•You can specify a date (Date) or a number of coupon
payments (Term) as the term for bond calculations.
See the “Bond Date” setting under “Configuring
Settings” (page E-16).
•You can specify once a year (Annual) or once every
six months (Semi-Annual) as the number of coupon
payments per year. See the “Periods/Y” setting under
“Configuring Settings” (page E-16).
•You must input two digits for the month and day. This
means you should include a leading zero for values
from 1 through 9 (01, 02, 03... etc.)
•You can specify either month, day, year (MDY) or day,
month, year (DMY) as the date input format. See the
“Date Input” setting under “Configuring Settings” (page
When calculating the yield on call, input the call date
for d2.
When calculating the yield of maturity, input 100 for RDV.
In the case of a zero coupon, input 0 for CPN.
•When calculating the redemption price per $100 of
face value (PRC), you can also calculate accrued
interest (INT) and purchase price including accrued
interest (CST).
•Input money paid out as a negative value, using the
y key to input the minus sign.