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of 149
•Press 1 to select “Date”.
•Use fc to select 2d1”,
input 06012004, and then
press E.
•Use fc to select 3 “d2”, input 12152006, and then
press E.
•Use fc to select 5 “RDV”, input 100, and then
press E.
•Use fc to select 6 “CPN”, input 3, and then press
•Use fc to select 8 “YLD”, input 4, and then press
2. Select the value you want to calculate.
• For this example, use
fc to select “PRC”.
3. Press l to perform the
•Pressing the E key returns to the value input screen.
A Other BOND Mode Calculations
Before performing a calculation based on a specific
number of payments (Term), be sure to specify “360” for
“Date Mode”, and “Annual” for “Periods/Y” (number of
coupon payments per year).
Example 2: To calculate the annual yield (YLD) based on
a specific date (Date)
1. In step 1 of the basic procedure (Example 1), input
–97.61645734 for PRC and do not input anything for
2. In step 2, select “YLD”.
•Input money paid out as a negative value, using the
y key to input the minus sign.