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A Other MOS Sub-mode Calculations
Example 2: To calculate a sales amount (SAL) or break-
even sales amount (SBE)
•Use the basic procedure (Example 1), substituting the
required values.
A MOS Sub-mode Financial Calculation
Variables (VARS)
•Variables SAL, SBE, and MOS are used in the MOS sub-
MOS sub-mode variable contents are cleared whenever
you change to another mode other than the BEVN Mode
sub-modes (BEV, MOS, DOL, DFL, DCL, QTY CONV.).
A Calculation Formula
SAL : Sales Amount
SBE :Break-even Sales Amount
MOS: Margin of Safety
k Degree of Operating Leverage Sub-
mode (Break-Even Mode 3)
The Degree of Operating Leverage (DOL) sub-mode lets
you calculate how profit changes relative to a change in
the sales amount.
A Entering the DOL Sub-mode
1. Press B to enter the Break-Even Mode.
2. Use fc to select
3. Press E.
Value Input Screen