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Example 3: To calculate the sales quantity (QTY) from
variable cost and unit variable cost
1. Input the required values from among 4, 5, and 6 in
the Setting Values table (page E-91).
•In this example, use
fc to select 4 “VC”,
input 15000, and then
press E.
•Use fc to select 5 “VCU”, input 30, and then press
2. Select the value you want to calculate.
•In this example, use
fc to select 6 “QTY”.
3. Press l to perform the
The result of a 6 “QTY” (sales quantity) calculation is
also assigned to variable 3 “QTY”.
Example 4: To calculate the variable cost (VC) and unit
variable cost (VCU)
•Use the same procedure as Example 3, substituting the
required values.
A QTY CONV. Sub-mode Financial
Calculation Variables (VARS)
•Variables SAL, PRC, QTY, VC, and VCU are used in the
QTY CONV. sub-mode.
•QTY CONV. sub-mode variable contents are cleared
whenever you change to another mode other than the
BEVN Mode sub-modes (BEV, MOS, DOL, DFL, DCL,