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of 149
5. Use fc to select
“Shortcut1”, and then press
6. In response to the confirmation screen that appears,
press E(Yes).
• If you want to cancel this operation without assigning
anything to 1(Shortcut1) key, press E instead of
E in step 6.
u To configure the SHORTCUT2 key
1. Press m to enter the COMP Mode.
2. Input the formula shown below.
(FV – ((–PV) + (–PMT) ×
n)) ×
0.9 + ((–PV) + (–PMT) ×
•“FV”, “PV” and “
n” are financial calculation variables
3. Perform the same operation as steps 4, 5, and 6 under
“To configure the SHORTCUT1 key” to assign the above
formula to “Shortcut2”.
u To use the configured shortcut keys in a calculation
Example: To calculate the value of the savings plan after
five years (
n = 60 months)
1. Press 1(Shortcut1).
This enters the mode
(CMPD) and configures
the settings assigned to
the 1(Shortcut1) key,
and selects “
n” for input.
2. Input 60, and then press E.
•Since all other input is performed by the data assigned
to the 1(Shortcut1) key, this is the only input
required. To calculate the value for a different length
of time, simply input the applicable number of months.