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Wired Timer Controller (FC-T)
The FC-T wired timer controller allows you to automatically trigger fog output by setting interval and
duration times. LED indicator lights display the machine and controller’s current state. Rotary knobs
set interval and duration times, while manual and continuous buttons allow overriding control.
1. Plug in the fog machine to power and turn the power switch to the product on.
2. Plug in the timer controller to the Manual Controller socket on the back of the fog machine.
3. Press the <TIMER ON/OFF> latching button on the timer controller. The Timer LED Indicator
above the button will light up. The <TIMER ON/OFF> latching button will remain on until it is
pressed again.
4. Set the INTERVAL and DURATION adjustment knobs to the desired positions.
· INTERVAL knob sets the amount of time in between bursts of fog
· DURATION knob sets the length of time that the fog machine will run during the burst
5. Press the <CONTINUOUS> latching button and the fog machine outputs fog until the button is
pressed again. The Manual/Power LED Indicator above the button will light up during continuous
Note: The duration of continuous fog output is based on the capability of the fog machine.
6. Press the <MANUAL> button to momentarily output fog. The fog machine will output fog for as
long as you hold down the button. During manual operation the Manual Momentary LED Indicator
above the button will light up.
Note: The duration of manual fog output is based on the capability of the fog machine.
Timer LED
Manual/Power LED
Manual Control
Momentary Button
Latching Button
Timer On/Off
Latching Button