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VHF Marine Radio Protocols
Nothing Comes Close to a Cobra
To Remove Battery Pack from Radio
1. Loosen the screw on the back of the battery pack.
2. Lift the bottom of the battery pack slightly to remove
it from the radio housing.
3. Pull battery pack out of the radio housing.
The LiON battery pack can also be charged in the
battery charger without being installed in the radio.
Insert the spacer into the battery charger to support
the battery pack during this charging process. Follow
the same procedures in “Initial Charge” to charge the
battery pack.
Lithium-ion (LiON) batteries are toxic. Please dispose
of properly. Some marine suppliers and electronics
retailers accept old battery
packs for recycling and
some municipal waste disposal
agencies have special
provisions for battery disposal.
Alkaline Batteries
An optional alkaline battery tray (P/N CM 110-024) can be
purchased for this radio. The alkaline battery tray acts as
a backup or “Emergency” power source should the battery
pack run low on power and needs to be recharged. The
radio will transmit at full power when using five (5) new
AA alkaline batteries.
Never attempt to recharge alkaline batteries. They are
not made to be recharged, and should be disposed of
in a proper manner.
Batteries and Charger
VHF Marine Radio Protocols
Batteries and Charger
Initial Charge
The Cobra-provided LiON battery pack may be charged at
home, in a car or in a boat using the appropriate 12V or
120V power cord with the charger.
1. Insert one (1) of the power cords into the back of the
drop-in charger.
2. Insert the other end of the power cord into the appropriate
12V or 120V power source.
3. Remove battery pack spacer from the charger and insert
the entire radio/battery into the charger. The metal charge
contacts on the battery will contact the mating prongs in
the charger to transfer the charging current.
4. Observe that the red light on the front of the charger
glows to indicate that the battery pack is properly seated
and the charger is operating.
5. Allow the batteries to charge for five (5) to six (6) hours
before use. The light will change back to green when the
battery is fully charged.
Only the rechargeable LiON battery pack can be
recharged. You MUST use one of the charging devices
provided with this radio. Do not substitute any other
type of charging adapter or charger base for this
radio. Battery damage, fire or explosion may result.
It is equally important to prevent the lithium-ion
(LiON) battery pack from freezing to obtain best
performance from the battery pack.
If the drop-in charger is used on a boat, Cobra
recommends you attach it to a horizontal shelf or
vertical bulkhead (using the screw holes provided)
to prevent possible damage due to the boat rolling or
pitching. The charging base has been designed to hold
the battery pack in place during rough sea conditions.
Remove Battery
Alkaline Battery Tray
Battery Pack Charging Only
Power Sources
Initial Battery Charge
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