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These are sometimes added to
nutritionally enrich the dough, they
also improve the keeping properties
and colour of the baked product.
Medium sized eggs are used.
Dried fruits are used in some of the
following recipes. Total weight of
dried fruits used should not exceed
recommendations in the recipes.
When using fresh fruit, use only as
directed in the following recipes, as
the water content of the fruit will
affect the loaf volume.
Approximately 4—5 tbsp can be added to
boost the fibre content. (Do not use more
than this recommended amount as it will
affect the volume of the loaf).
Bran cereals may be used in more
quantities. Refer to recipes.
Wheat germ:
Approx 60 ml (4 tbsp) can be added
to give a nuttier flavour.
Herbs are used to add flavour to the bread.
These can be used fresh or dried. If using dried
herbs only small amounts (1—2 tsp) are required.
For fresh herbs follow the guidelines in the recipes.
Other ingredients used for flavored loaves
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid):
Ascorbic acid is a bread improver
i.e. it helps improve the volume of
the loaf. This is now incorporated
into the Fast Action Easy Bake
yeast and does not have to be
added as a separate ingredient,
although we recommend adding 1/4 tsp Vitamin C
powder to certain whole wheat loaves to improve
the rise.
Nuts may be used, but chop them
finely. Use no more than the recipe
The height of bread when nuts are
used, may be low because the
chopped nuts will cut the gluten structure.
When adding nuts as well as dried fruit, their total
weight should not exceed that recommended in the
recipes. Remember to chop them finely as these
interfere with mixing.
Spices are used to add
flavour to the bread. Only
small amounts (1 teaspoon
to 2 teaspoon) are required.
These may be added to give flavour and texture to
the bread. Be careful if using larger seeds, that are
particularly hard, as they could scratch the non-stick