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Wall Mount
The UBR223 camera mounting clip has two slots that fit over screws to mount the unit on the wall.
1. Mark the position of the screw holes on the wall.
2. Drill holes and insert the anchors and screws provided.
Be sure to leave room for the mounting to fit over the screw heads.
3. Place the mounting over the installed screws and push it
downwards, locking it into place.
4. Adjust the camera as needed.
Suction Mount
1. Insert the suction base into the mounting clip as shown.
2. Firmly press the camera with the suction base attached onto glass or
metallic surfaces.
3. Adjust the camera as needed.
Clip the UBR223 on ledges and shelves.
1. Press the mounting clip as shown.
2. Place the unit over the mounting surface and release.
3. Adjust the camera as needed.
Connect Power
1. Insert the AC adapter power plug into the camera’s DC adapter input jack.
2. Plug the other end into a 120 volt AC (standard indoor) power outlet or surge protector. The
charging LED
turns on. If the battery is not fully charged, the LED is red. If it is fully charged, the
LED is green.
3. Press
. The green power LED turns on and the monitor now displays camera video. If it
doesn’t, try reconnecting the AC adapter, making sure the power outlet isn’t controlled by a
wall switch.