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3. Plug the power plug into a 120 volt AC (standard indoor) power outlet or surge protector.
4. Press and hold
to turn the unit on or off. Let the monitor charge for 6 hours prior to
first time use so the built-in rechargeable monitor battery is fully charged. DO NOT remove
the power cable from the monitor during the initial charge process. After the initial charge,
recharge the monitor as needed.
Out of range
displays until you turn on the camera, .
The UBR223 camera and mounting clip are a complete unit. The UBR223 does come with a separate
suction cup bar. With it installed, you can mount the camera on glass or smooth metallic surfaces.
Placement Considerations
The camera included with your monitor is NOT weatherproof; it is an indoor camera.
The clearest line-of-sight between the camera and monitor is best. Walls, especially brick and
concrete, can affect reception quality.
Avoid having a direct light source in view of the camera (ceiling or floor lamps).
Carefully plan where and how the camera will be positioned, and where you will route the cable
that connects the camera to the power adapter. Place it a minimum of 3 feet from the crib.
When you are positioning the camera, bring the monitor along; it’s much easier to get the
camera into the right position when you have the display handy. Check the image on the
monitor before you install the camera.
Out of range
displays when the camera is out of range, turned off, or unsuccessfully paired to the
monitor. It also displays when the monitor is out of range.
You can install additional cameras (maximum of 4 cameras). When adding cameras that
were not included in the original box, you will need to pair the cameras with the monitor.
Refer to page 29.