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Ft. Worth, Texas U01UN400EZA(0)
Accessory handset
and charger
If you purchased
model number...
You should have:
D1364 None
D1364-2 1 of each
D1364-3 2 of each
Not pictured:
xRechargeable battery (BT-1021)
xBattery cover
xAC adapter (PS-0035)
xTelephone cord
Not pictured:
battery (BT-1021)
xBattery cover
xAC adapter
You may also nd:What's in the box?
x If any items are missing or damaged, contact our Customer Care Line
immediately. Never use damaged products!
x Call waiting, CID, CIDCW, and Voice Mail are telephone line services. Contact your
provider for details.
x Need help? Get answers 24/7 at our website: www.uniden.com.
If You... Contact Uniden’s... Phone Number
have a question or problem Customer Care Line*
817-858-2929 or
need a part or an accessory Parts Department* 800-554-3988
need special assistance due to
a disability
Accessibility Help Line
(voice or TTY)
* During regular business hours, Central Standard Time; see our website for detailed
business hours.
D1364 base
with Caller ID
and cordless
D1361/D1364 Series User's Guide