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WARNING: Always use proper eye protection that conforms to ANSI Z87.1 (CAN/CSA
Z94.3) while operating this power trimmer.
WARNING: Remove the battery before making any assembly, adjustments, or changing
accessories. Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting the
CAUTION: Before you begin trimming, only use the appropriate type of cutting line.
CAUTION: Inspect area to be trimmed and remove any wire, cord, or string-like objects
which could become entangled in the rotating line or spool. Be particularly careful to avoid any
wire which might be bent outwardly into the path of the trimmer, such as barbs at the base of
a chain link fence.
•Toswitchthetrimmeron,pushthelockoffbutton(shownininset,figure J) across from
either side and then squeeze the trigger switch.
•Toswitchthetrimmer off, release the trigger switch.
•Withtheuniton,angleunitandslowlyswingthetrimmersidetosideasshowninfigure J.
•Maintainacuttingangleof5°to10°asshowninfigure J1. Do not exceed 10° (figure J2). Cut
with the tip of the line. To keep distance from hard surfaces use edge guide (6).
shown in figure J1. To acheive this distance adjust the overall height of the trimmer as shown
in figure I.
WARNING: When being used as an Edger, stones, pieces of metal and other objects can
be thrown out at high speed by the line. The trimmer and guard are designed to reduce the
danger. However, MAKE SURE that other persons and pets are at least 100 feet (30m) away.
•Tooperateasamaintenanceedger,turn the collar (4) as shown in figure I.
•Hold the metal shaft and rotate the lower housing 180° until trimmer is in the position shown
in figure K.
•Turnthecollar back until tight.
•Position the trimmer with the wire guide (6) along the surface as shown in figure L.
Turn the collar until tight. When using the trimmer, retract the wire edge guide to the original
position, out of the way.
Your trimmer uses .065 inch (1.65 mm) diameter, ROUND nylon line. During use, the
tips of the nylon lines will become frayed and worn and the special self feeding spool will
automatically feed and trim a fresh length of line. DO NOT BUMP on ground in attempt to feed
line or for any other purposes.
Cutting line will wear faster and require more feeding if the cutting or edging is done along
sidewalks or other abrasive surfaces or heavier weeds are being cut.
CAUTION: Before you begin trimming, only use the appropriate type of cutting line.
Use Black & Decker replacement spool Model No. AF-100, and replacement cap RC-100.
Reload nylon line (either bulk or prewound replacement spool) as shown in this manual.
Do not use serrated or heavier gauge line, as they will overload the motor and cause
overheating, and will not feed properly. This line is available at your local dealer or
authorized service center.
Decker service centers. To find your local service location call: 1-800-544-6986 or visit
WARNING: The use of any accessory not recommended by Black & Decker for use
with this trimmer could be hazardous.