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The Boatsafe® BSAT 1000 Watt Heater, Jr. 600 Watt and Jr. 300 Watt
Careful attention to these installation instructions will assure trouble free operation and maximum utility from
your BoatSafe® heater.
DO NOT deviate from the wiring instructions as incorrect installation could cause an electrical short and create
a possible fire hazard.
ALWAYS disconnect shore power to the boat BEFORE proceeding with installation.
Mount the unit with screws through the four mounting holes in the mounting feet. The unit should be
mounted on a metal or on a marine rated wood surface in the engine compartment. Mounting must take
place in an area free of loose material that could come into contact with the heater. A clearance of six inches
or more from the heater vents to the nearest object is recommended.
The preferred and the safest way to wire your BoatSafe® heater is to hard wire into your boat's marine
electrical system in accordance with generally accepted marine industry standards. Any power source used to
hard wire the unit should be a minimum 15 Amp 120 Volt circuit that is equipped with a fuse or a breaker.
Ignition Protection—Use of a marine rated plug is acceptable, but to maintain ignition protection, plug-in
connections must be outside the engine compartment. Hard wired connections within the engine
compartment must be in accordance with accepted marine industry standards and contained within a
marine approved junction box. In all cases, the 120 VAC power source must be fuse or breaker protected.
NOTE: Certain standard making organizations have established rules for wiring aboard boats. Those rules
applicable to your situation should be followed. If you are unsure of what rules apply to your boat, please call
us or ask a marine electrician for assistance.
Please use the wiring key below as a guide for hard wiring your BoatSafe® heater or attaching to a marine
rated plug.
WIRING KEY: Green = Ground Black = Hot White = Neutral
To ensure proper and safe operation, the black (hot), white (neutral) and green (ground heater leads must be
connected to the corresponding leads of the boat’s 120 VAC wiring harness or of the shore power supply using
acceptable methods and marine grade connectors. It is strongly recommended that wires be traced to the
source, either visually or by electrical continuity testing, to confirm consistent color-coding. For plug-in
connections, proper wiring of 120 VAC outlets can be confirmed with an inexpensive polarity tester available
in the electrical section of most hardware stores. If in doubt, please obtain the services of a qualified marine
electrician to complete the installation.
All components are encased to prevent damage, misuse and tampering. Please return your engine
compartment heater to BoatSafe, Inc. for service or repair.
If you feel your heater is not performing as expected after installing and testing the unit, or you simply have
questions, please call us or visit our website:
1-888-BOATSAFE www.theboatsafe.com