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Carton Inventory
The Intercom has up to a 1000' range and allows
multiple simultaneous conversations, using a 900 MHz
secure digital radio link. The intercoms form an
exclusive network and respond only to other intercoms
in the network.
Mounting Tape
Alcohol Wipe
Intercom (2)
Operation & Features
Call Mode: In Call Mode the intercom may only be
used to call the intercom network and will not be able
to hear conversation from within the network.
To put intercom into Call Mode place
Dipswitch #1 to the UP position.
Volume: To increase the intercom
volume, place Dipswitch #4 to the UP
Sensitivity: To increase sensitivity on
the intercom set Dipswitch #3 to the
UP position.
NOTE: Dipswitch #2 is not used.
Talk Button: To talk, hold down the Talk button and
all intercoms in the network will receive the signal.
When holding down the Talk button on a different
intercom, a secure channel is created and the other
intercoms in the network do not hear the
Battery: The AA Alkaline batteries (not provided) will
last up to a year depending on use (Lithium batteries
recommended for colder environments). When the
batteries are low it will emit three beeps every ten
Talk Button
Model NTD2
Wireless Portable Indoor/Outdoor
Learn Button
Mounting Intercom
Step 1
Mount Intercom with small silver screws. See
mounting template on page 3. Screw the top two
screws halfway into the mounting surface. Place back
of intercom over screws. Tighten screws.
The Intercom can be mounted by using the included
screws or by using the double-sided mounting tape. It
is recommended to use the mounting tape on
surfaces such as metal or glass.
Put the remaining silver screws into the bottom holes
of intercom. Tighten screws.
Mounting with Screws
Step 2