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The device is equipped with an analog (composite) video out jack. Connect the video cable between the video
output jack (11) and a compatible device (VCR, camcorder, video monitor, computer video interface, etc) to remotely
observe or record the image produced by the Equinox digital night vision unit. A standard tripod mounting socket is
provided. Refer to "Specifications" regarding NTSC/PAL video system compatibility for your Equinox model number.
To connect the device to a vehicle's DC outlet ("cigarette lighter socket"), plug the vehicle power adapter included with
the device, into the 5V DC power input jack (12) and connect the other end to the vehicle power outlet
WARNING: The voltage produced by a vehicle's electrical system may vary from 12V to 24V depending on the model.
The Equinox night vision units are designed for a DC input voltage of 5V, therefore do not plug the device into the
vehicle outlet using an aftermarket 12V adapter. Use only the supplied power adapter, which is equipped with a
12V-24V to 5V converter and safety fuse.
NOTE: To connect the device to 120V household AC outlet, you may use any commercially available AC adapter
(NOT INCLUDED) which meets the requirements listed in the Specifications list in this manual.
WARNING: The batteries installed in the battery compartment of the device cannot be charged when the device is
connected via external DC or AC power sources/adapters.
Unit does not turn on
1. Reinstall the batteries, making sure of the correct polarity (+/- terminals) orientation.
2. Replace both batteries.
3. Clean the battery compartment, especially the contact points.