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1.20 Guard Alarm
The guard alarm allows the operator to set
the desired range and bearing for a guard
zone. When ships, islands, landmasses, etc.
violate the guard zone, the audio alarm
sounds to call your attention. The alarm will
sound on targets entering or exiting the zone
depending on zone status after the alarm has
been set.
The alarm should not be relied upon as the
sole means for detecting possible collision
A/C SEA, A/C RAIN, FTC and GAIN controls
should be properly adjusted to be sure the
weak echoes will not be missed by the alarm.
Setting a guard zone
1. Operate the cursor pad to place the
cursor at the top left corner for the zone
and then press the [ALARM] key.
2. Operate the cursor pad to place the
cursor at the bottom right corner for the
zone and then press the [ALARM] key.
to set
1)Drag cursor to
top left corner for
zone and press
Drag cursor
Mentally create
the guard zone to set.
2)Drag cursor to
bottom right corner
for zone and press
Guard zone completed.
Drag cursor
How to set a guard zone
How guard zone type is determined
After the guard zone is set, the system
checks for the existence of targets inside the
guard zone, which takes about 8 to 12
seconds. When the check is completed,
G(IN) or G(OUT) replaces G(---) at the top
right corner.
G(IN): When no target exists in the zone,
"G(IN)" appears. The audio alarm sounds
against targets which enter the guard zone.
G(OUT): If there are targets in the guard
zone, "G(OUT)" appears. The audio alarm
sounds against all targets which exit from the
guard zone.
(a) Inward target alarm (b) Outward target alarm
Inward and outward alarms
Note: "UP RNG" replaces G(IN) or G(OUT)
when the guard zone is not within the range
in use. If this happens, change the range to
redisplay the guard zone.
Silencing the audio alarm
When a target violates the guard zone, the
target flashes and the audio alarm sounds.
You can silence the audio alarm with the
[ALARM] key.
Canceling the guard zone and guard
Press and hold down the [ALARM] key until
the guard zone is erased.