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3.1 Antenna Unit Installation
Mounting considerations
When selecting a mounting location for the
antenna unit keep in mind the following
Install the antenna unit on the hardtop,
radar arch or on a mast on an appropriate
platform. (For sailboats, a mounting
bracket is optionally available.) It should
be placed where there is a good all-round
view with, as far as possible, no part of
the ships superstructure or rigging
intercepting the scanning beam. Any
obstruction will cause shadow and blind
In order to minimize the chance of picking
up electrical interference, avoid where
possible routing the antenna cable near
other electrical equipment onboard. Also,
avoid running the cable in parallel with
power cables.
Separate the antenna unit from a
magnetic compass by the distances noted
below to prevent interference to the
magnetic compass:
Standard compass: 1.25 m
Steering compass: 0.95 m
Mounting on a platform
1. Remove the mounting hardware at the
bottom of the antenna unit: four each of
hexagon head bolts (M10 x 20), spring
washers and flat washers (4 pcs.). Save
the mounting hardware to use it to fix the
antenna base to the mounting platform.
Flat washer
Spring washer
Hexagon head bolt
(M10 x 20)
(one screw on other side)
Flat washer
Antenna unit, showing location of
mounting hardware
2. At the mounting location for the antenna
unit, construct a platform (wood, steel, or
aluminum) of 510 mm in thickness on
whose dimensions are as shown below
Next, position the antenna unit on the
platform so the cable entrance faces the
stern direction and the vent tube is
extending downward through the hole for
the vent tube.
Hole for vent tube
(φ20 mm)
Fixing hole
(φ11 mm)
Dimensions in
Dimensions of antenna platform
Note 1: If corrosive material is used for
the platform, be sure to take appropriate
anti-corrosion measures.
Note 2: When drilling holes in the platform,
be sure they are parallel with the fore and
aft line.