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Y1-03-0241A 11
Figure 4 GPS Receiver Location
will stop blinking and the red LED will flash once every 2 seconds until
new GPS data is obtained.
9. GPS receiver orientation
When activated, it is critical that you do not cover the beacon with any
body part, water, clothing, etc. The GPS receiver is located under the
bottom portion of the case behind the product logo (see Figure 4).
To ensure optimum performance of the GPS receiver, the beacon needs
to have an unobstructed view of the sky. Avoid submerging the GPS
receiver in water if possible. Water will shield and inhibit the GPS
receiver and may cause difficulties obtaining your GPS coordinates.
Avoid leaning over the beacon to view blinking LED as you may shield
the GPS reception.
10. Turning off the beacon
To deactivate your beacon, depress the ON/OFF ( ) button for 1 second.
Once the beacon is deactivated, all blinking LED’s will stop, signifying that
the beacon is no longer sending your distress message.
If deactivation should fail, remove the six screws holding the unit together
and unplug the battery to disable the unit. Return the beacon to ACR
Electronics for service.
NOTE: Leave beacon on until rescued. Turning beacon off will prolong or
prevent rescue. Repeated activations could be viewed as a hoax.