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Y1-03-0241A 13
To report false alerts outside of the USA
, contact the national
authority where your beacon is registered.
1. Routine Maintenance
Carefully inspect the beacon case for any visible cracks. Cracks may
admit moisture, which could falsely activate the beacon or otherwise
cause a malfunction. Any cracks observed should be immediately
referred to ACR for evaluation by calling +1 (954) 981-3333. ACR
Technical Support can also be reached by sending an email to
After checking the beacon case for cracks, it may be wiped down with a
clean, damp cloth. Do not use any type of cleaner on your beacon.
2. Battery Replacement
Replace the battery no later than 6 years from date of manufacture, 5
years from date of install, or after emergency use. At each inspection,
check the time remaining until replacement is required. The battery
should be replaced if the beacon has been activated for any use other
than the Self-test. Always refer battery replacements and other beacon
service to a factory authorized Battery Replacement Center. Battery
replacement includes servicing the beacon by replacing all o-rings,
testing the water seal and the electrical properties.
NOTE: There are no user serviceable items inside the beacon. DO NOT
OPEN THE BEACON. Opening the beacon will void the warranty.
For the nearest location of a Battery Replacement Center, visit our
website at www.acrelectronics.com. Click on “Support”.
This beacon contains 2 Lithium Metal Battery Packs that are less than 2
grams each. They are not classified as Hazmat for transportation. Prior
to shipping beacon for service, alert your carrier about the batteries
contained in this equipment to make sure they properly label your
package. Call ACR’s Technical Service department at +1 (954) 981-
3333 for proper shipping instructions or visit the ACR website in the
Support section entitled “Hazmat, MSDS Sheets, & Info.
3. Self-Test
ACR strongly recommends performing a Self-test once per month, or at
least two weeks prior to a trip, to allow enough time for service, should
your beacon require it.