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Y1-03-0241A 16
Figure 5 - Belt Clip
letter, fax or telephone and informing the authority of the name and address
of the new owner.
The new owner of the beacon is required to provide the national
authority with all of the information requested on the registration form.
This obligation transfers to all subsequent owners. See step 1, page 3
for further details on this process.
7. Lost or stolen PLBs
If your PLB is lost or stolen, do the following immediately:
// Report to your local authorities that the PLB has been lost or stolen
// Contact NOAA at (888) 212-7283 (212-SAVE), or your national
authority, with the following information:
o Police department name
o Police department phone number
o Police case number
If your PLB were to be activated, the information you provided will be
forwarded to the appropriate search and rescue authorities who will
ensure that your PLB gets back to you. If someone attempts to register
a PLB reported as stolen, NOAA or your national authority will notify the
appropriate police department.
1. Multi-Function Belt Clip
The SARLink™ comes standard with a multi-
function belt clip. To install the clip, simply align
the bottom tabs on the clip with the insert holes
located on the bottom of the beacon. Snap the
clip in place by pressing the top of the clip so
that the two top tabs engage in the two insert
holes on the top of the beacon (see Figure 5). To
remove the clip, push up and back on the top
tabs one at a time to disengage the clip from the
The belt clip has been designed to
accommodate your extreme adventures.
You can secure your beacon directly to
backpack webbing straps, life jackets or belts to ensure the beacon is
close at hand. ACR recommends that you secure your beacon
someplace on your person that is easily accessible in case of an
emergency for rapid activation. Ensure the beacon is secured firmly and
is protected before heading out to avoid damage or loss.