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Y1-03-0241A 15
5. GPS acquisition test
This test is NOT required as 100% of all GPS receivers that leave ACR
have been tested to ensure they perform correctly. However, if you would
like to ensure your GPS receiver is working, please follow these
instructions very closely.
CAUTION: The following test should not be performed more than
twelve times during the life of the battery pack. Once this GPS testing
feature reaches 12 times, the feature will be disabled by internal software
until the battery is replaced.
NOTE: The GPS receiver is located under the bottom front portion of the
case. It is imperative that the receiver is not obstructed during Self-test or
activation to ensure that the GPS receiver is acquiring your latitude (LAT)
and longitude (LON) position. This test must be performed outside with a
clear view of the sky.
Press the Self-test button for greater than 5 seconds. Observe the beacon
for the entire GPS test. A BEEP and green LED will indicate that the GPS
has been turned ON. The beacon will BEEP every 5 seconds and the GPS
will remain ON until LAT/LON coordinates have been obtained or until 2
minutes have elapsed. If good LAT/LON data has been obtained, a single
406 MHz test signal will be sent out with location data and the GPS will be
turned OFF and the green LED will light for at least 3 seconds along with a
long beep. This LAT/LON data is not saved for use. The green LED
indicates that the GPS is functioning properly and that the beacon is in a
location or environment where it can receive the necessary signals from
satellites. If the GPS does not acquire good LAT/LON data, the GPS will
turn OFF after 2 minutes, followed with a RED LED light up for 3 seconds
along with a long beep, and no 406 MHz signal will be sent out.
GPS Test Sequences (max. 2
minutes 50 seconds)
GPS Test Guide
Green LED and BEEP at start
followed by continuous BEEPS
every 5 seconds, Green LED
& Long BEEP
Successfully acquired GPS
data, 406 MHz signal sent out
with location data
Green LED and BEEP at start
followed by continuous BEEPS
every 5 seconds, Red LED
& Long BEEP
GPS data was not successfully
acquired, no signal sent out.
6. Changing ownership or contact information
As the owner of the beacon, it is your responsibility to advise the national
authority of any change in your registration information. If you are
transferring the beacon to a new owner, you are required to inform the
national authority. You can do this by using their online database or by