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NetVanta 1000 Series and
NetVanta 1000R Series
Hardware Installation Guide
1200500E1 NetVanta 1224
1200504E1 NetVanta 1224ST
1200510L1 NetVanta 1224STR (AC)
1200520E1 NetVanta 1224R
1200530L1 NetVanta 1224R PoE
1200560E2 NetVanta 1524ST
1200570L1 NetVanta 1224STR PoE
1200580L1 NetVanta 1224 PoE
1200584L1 NetVanta 1224ST PoE
1200590L1 NetVanta 1224STR (DC)
1700515E2 NetVanta 1335
1700515E12 NetVanta 1335 WiFi
1700525E2 NetVanta 1335 PoE
1700525E12 NetVanta 1335 WiFi PoE
4200368L1 Enhanced Feature Pack (Hardware and Software) for IPSec VPN Upgrade for
NetVanta 1224STR (AC/DC), 1224R, 1224R PoE, and 1224STR PoE
1200861L1 NetVanta 56K/64K Network Interface Module
1200862L2#NEBS NetVanta T1/FT1 NEBS Network Interface Module
1202862L1 NetVanta T1/FT1 Network Interface Module
1202863L1 NetVanta T1/FT1 + DSX-1 Network Interface Module
1200872L1 NetVanta Dual T1 Network Interface Module
1200868E1/L1 NetVanta E1/FE1 Network Interface Module
1200878E1/L1 NetVanta E1/FE1 + G.703 Drop Network Interface Module
1200866E1 NetVanta Serial Network Interface Module
1200936E1 NetVanta SHDSL Network Interface Module, Annex A
1200937E1 NetVanta SHDSL Network Interface Module, Annex B
1202869E1 NetVanta ADSL Network Interface Module, Annex A
1202889E1 NetVanta ADSL Network Interface Module, Annex B
1700801G1 NetVanta 3G CDMA Network Interface Module (NetVanta 1335 only)
1200864L1 NetVanta Analog Modem Dial Backup Interface Module
1200865L1 NetVanta ISDN BRI Dial Backup Interface Module
1200875L1 NetVanta ISDN S/T Dial Backup Interface Module
1200480E1 1000BaseSX Multi-Mode SFP Module
1200481E1 1000BaseLX Single-Mode SFP Module
1200816E1, 817E1, 818E1, 819E1
, 128, 256, 512, and 1024 MB, respectively (NetVanta 1335 only)
November 2008