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c. Please note that when the Capture Number parameter is set higher
than "1 Photo", or with very short Interval settings, some images
may appear darker than others due to the quick response and rapid
retriggering of the camera, allowing less time for the flash to fully
recharge before firing again.
2. Daytime photos or videos appear too dark
a. Make sure that the camera is not aimed at the sun or other light
sources during the day, as this may cause the auto exposure to produce
darker results.
3. Night photos or videos appear too bright
a. If the subject is close to the camera (less than10ft/3m), change
the LED Control parameter in the Setup Menu to "Medium" or "Low".
4. Daytime photos or videos appear too bright
a. Make sure that the camera is not aimed at the sun or other light
sources during the day.
5. Photos with streaked subject
a. In some cases with low lighting conditions and fast moving subjects,
the 5MP or 8MP resolution settings may not perform as well as the
3MP setting.
b. If you have multiple images where fast moving subjects produce
streaks on the photo, try the 3MP setting instead.
6. Red, green or blue color cast
a. Under certain lighting conditions, the sensor can become confused
resulting in poor color images.
b. If this is seen on a consistent basis, then the sensor may need
servicing. Please contact Bushnell customer service.
7. Short video clips—not recording to the length set
a. Check to make sure that the SD card is not full.
b. Make sure that the camera has good batteries in it. Near the end
of the battery life, the camera may choose to record shorter video clips
to conserve power.
Date/Time Stamp not appearing on images
1. Make sure that the “Time Stamp” parameter is set to “On”.
Photos Do Not Capture Subject of Interest
1. Check the “Sensor Level” (PIR sensitivity) parameter setting. For
warm temperature conditions, set the Sensor Level to “High” and for
cold weather use, set the sensor for “Low”. For variable weather, use