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About the Trophy Cam
The Bushnell Trophy Cam is a digital scouting camera. It can be triggered by
any movement of game in a location, detected by a highly sensitive Passive
Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensor, and then take high quality pictures (up to 8MP
still photos), or video clips.
The Trophy Cam consumes very little power (less than 0.2 mA) in a stand-
by (surveillance) state. This means it can deliver up to six months stand-
by operation time when the device is powered by the full capacity of AA
alkaline batteries, and up to twelve months utilizing lithium AA batteries.
Once motion in the monitored area is detected, the digital camera unit will be
triggered at once (typically within one second) and then automatically take
photos or videos according to previously programmed settings. The Trophy
Cam is equipped with built-in infrared LEDs (“black” IR LEDs on models
119476/119477) that function as a flash, so that it delivers clear photos or
videos (in black & white) even in the dark, and it can take color photos or
videos under sufficient daylight. The Trophy Cam is designed for outdoor
use and is resistant against water and snow.
Your trail camera is one of the latest generation of Bushnell Trophy Cams,
and includes many new or improved features, including:
• Auto PIR Sensitivity-the camera monitors ambient temperature
conditions and automatically adjusts the sensor/trigger signal to be
more sensitive to slight variations in temperature on hot days, less
sensitive on cold days.
• Hyper NightVision-The IR LED Flash array now has increased range,
brighter output and better coverage for improved nighttime images.
• Field Scan 2x with Live Trigger-The “time lapse” feature added in last
year’s models has been enhanced with the addition of the option for
a second block of recording with its own start/stop times. Trigger
signals generated by nearby wildlife activity will still generate additional
photos/videos as they normally would, independently of the Field Scan
• GPS Geotag Capability-allows the user to input the longitude and
latitude of the camera’s position, which will be embedded in each
photo file. This enables Google Earth, Picassa and other geotag