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Once you’ve prepared your NatureView Cam by properly installing
batteries and an SD card, you could simply take it outside, strap it to a tree,
switch it on and leave-and you might get some great photos that are exactly
what you wanted. However, we highly recommend that you first spend some
additional time indoors with this manual and your camera until you know a
bit more about what the 3-way switch and those control keys do. If nothing
else, you’ll probably want to at least set the date and time so the camera will
imprint them (or not-it’s your option) on your photos as they are taken, learn
how to set the camera to shoot video clips instead of still photos if you like,
and read some tips about mounting it on a tree.
The NatureView Cam has three basic operational modes:
• OFF mode: Power switch in the OFF position.
• ON mode: Power switch in the ON position (LCD screen is off.)
• SETUP mode: Power switch at SETUP position (LCD screen is on).
The OFF mode is the “safe” mode when any actions must be taken, e.g.,
replacing the SD card or batteries, or transporting the device. You will also
use OFF mode if you connect the camera to a computer’s USB port later
to download your photos/videos. And of course, when you are storing or
not using the camera, you will switch it to OFF. Please note that even in
the OFF mode the NatureView Cam still consumes power at a very low
level. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take the batteries out of the battery
compartment if the camera will not be used for a long time.
Anytime after the batteries and SD card have been inserted, you can switch
on the camera. When the power switch is moved to the top position, the
camera will enter into the ON (Live) mode. The motion indicator LED (pg.
6, “Front View”) will blink red for about 10 seconds. This interval allows time
for you to close the NatureView Cam’s front cover, lock it, and leave the
monitored area. Once in the ON mode, no manual controls are needed or
possible (the control keys have no effect). The NatureView Cam will take