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5:30 and 7:00 PM. No Field Scan recording would occur from 8AM
to 5:30PM, or from 7PM to 6AM. Remember, Field Scan recording
is independent of normal triggers due to wildlife activity–even if no
animals enter the IR sensor coverage zone, an image or video will still
be captured every 15 minutes during the block(s) of time. If an animal
triggers the camera “in between” the 15 minute intervals, it will be
recorded, same as it would if you had setup the camera with Field Scan
turned Off. Note: Field Scan settings of frequent intervals and/or
long periods between start and stop time can reduce battery life.
(Step 1)-set Field
Scan Mode to “On”
(Step 2)-select Field
Scan "A" (press OK)
(Step 3)-set Field
Scan "A" Stop & Start
(Step 4) (opt)-select Field
Scan "B" (press OK)
(Step 5) (opt)-set Field
Scan "B" Stop & Start
Steps 4 & 5 are
optional (only
required if you want
to set up a second
block of Field Scan
recording with
different stop and
start times)
(Step 6)-select Field
Scan "Interval"
(Step 7)-set Field
Scan Interval
Note: the Interval
Setting sets the
timing between each
image for both Field
Scan "A" and "B"
recording blocks.