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Off, On
See "Using the
Setup Menu
Input Screens"
Allows the user to input latitude
and longitude coordinates for the
camera’s location. This data will
be embedded in the files saved on
the camera’s SD card (if “On” is
selected). This makes it possible
to see each camera’s location as a
“pushpin” on Google Earth maps
when reviewing a folder full of pho-
tos from multiple cameras, or use
other “geotag” capable software
(Picassa, etc).
Video Sound
(only affects
video clips)
On, Off Select “On” to record audio along
with the video when the camera is
set to video mode (saved file sizes
will be slightly larger).
Default Set
Select “Execute” and press OK
to restore all parameters to the
original factory default settings.
If the camera is behaving oddly
and you think you may have
changed the setting for something
accidently (but aren’t sure which
one), this will reset all parameters
to their most commonly used or
“generic” settings.