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Y1-03-0242 Rev. B 19
1. Safety DOs and DON’Ts
On a routine basis aboard ship, DO NOT:
// Hold or carry the beacon by its antenna
// Mount the beacon in its bracket close to large structures or magnetic
// Tie the lanyard to the EPIRB bracket or any other structure
// Obscure the beacon by placing objects in front of it
On a routine basis aboard ship, DO:
// Mount the beacon in its bracket in an obvious location, so that all can
see it
// Mount the beacon in its bracket with the rolled lanyard facing inward
(facing the bracket)
// Follow the recommended maintenance schedule
// Perform a beacon Self-Test monthly
// Follow up with beacon service if Self-Test fails
2. Routine beacon maintenance
At least every ninety days, the float free mounting bracket and beacon should
be inspected for deterioration and/or residue buildup that may affect the
function of the beacon or automatic release. Part of the visual check includes
checking the antenna for tightness. Clean the beacon and the mounting
bracket to remove any residue buildups. It is recommended that the beacon
and mounting bracket be wiped with a damp cloth.
Carefully inspect the beacon case for any visible cracks. Cracks may admit
moisture, which could falsely activate the beacon or otherwise cause a
malfunction. Any cracks observed should immediately be referred to ACR
Service for evaluation. Call ACR Electronics Technical Service +1 (954) 981-
3. Battery replacement
Battery replacement is due 5 years from date after the beacon placed into
service, or by expiry date on the beacon whichever is first. During each
inspection, check the time remaining until battery replacement is required.
The battery must also be replaced if the beacon has been activated for any
use other than the Self-Test.