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1. Unpack and clean your Breadman® Ultimate Plus Automatic Bread
Maker; see CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS. When the Breadman®
Ultimate Plus is packaged for shipment, a clear plastic film is placed
over the Control Panel; carefully peel it off.
2. Place the Breadman® Ultimate Plus on a dry, stable surface away
from heat and away from areas where cooking grease or water may
splatter onto it. Avoid placing the Bread Maker where it may tip
over during use. Place away from edge of the counter top.
3. The Breadman® Ultimate Plus will bake up to a 2 pound loaf of
bread. Do not put a larger quantity of ingredients into the Bread Pan
than recommended. If you do so, the bread may not mix or bake
correctly and the Breadman® Ultimate Plus may be damaged. The
maximum amount of ingredients to be used is as follows.
• Bread Cycles 4 to 4-2/3 cups
• Batter Breads™ and
prepackaged cake mixes 4 cups
• Dough Cycles 4-2/3 cups
• Jam 3 cups fruit
4. Before first use, operate the Breadman® Ultimate Plus empty on the
Rapid White Cycle program to burn off the manufacturing oils.
Follow the instructions outlined in the MAKING DOUGH AND
BAKING BREAD section of this Instruction Manual.
NOTE: During first use, this product may smoke and/or emit an odor
from mineral oils used in manufacturing. This is normal for a
newly manufactured appliance.
1. Remember to insert the Kneading Paddle first, then add all your
ingredients BEFORE inserting the Bread Pan into the Baking
Chamber of your Breadman® Ultimate Plus.
2. To insert the Bread Pan in the Breadman®, seat it firmly in place.
3. To remove the Bread Pan from the Baking Chamber, hold the
Handle with an oven mitt and lift gently. When you remove the
Bread Pan after baking, BE SURE TO WEAR OVEN MITTS to
prevent burning. After you remove the loaf (by turning the Bread
Pan upside down and shaking gently), check to see that the
Kneading Paddle is removed from the loaf. If it is stuck in your
bread, use a non-metal utensil to gently remove it, taking care
not to scratch the Kneading Paddle.
Inserting and
Removing the
Bread Pan
If, at any time during the bread making process, you need to turn the
Breadman® OFF, press the PAUSE Button. Then press STOP/RESET.
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