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We suggest starting your bread making with this White Bread Recipe. Follow the steps previously
outlined in this Instruction Manual. These steps have been written to eliminate the most
common errors in Bread Maker baking and may be helpful for any recipe.
Ingredients: 1 LB 1.5 LB 2 LB
Water, 80°F/27°C 3/4 cup + 1 TBL 1 cup + 2 TBL 1-1/4 cup + 2 TBL
Oil 1 TBL 1-1/2 TBL 2 TBL
Sugar 1-1/2 tsp 2 TBL 3 TBL
Salt 1 tsp 1-1/2 tsp 2 tsp
Dry Milk 1 TBL 1-1/2 TBL 2 TBL
Bread Flour 2-1/4 cups 3-1/4 cups 4-1/2 cups
Active Dry Yeast 1-1/2 tsp 1-3/4 tsp 2 tsp
Select White Cycle
Select Rapid White Cycle
Active Dry Yeast 2-1/4 tsp 2-1/2 tsp 2-3/4 tsp
White, Rapid White, Whole Wheat, Rapid Whole Wheat, French, Rapid French,
Fruit & Nut, Rapid Fruit & Nut Cycle Method:
1. Remove the Bread Pan from the Breadman®. Attach the Kneading Paddle onto the Drive
Shaft. Have all ingredients ready. Make sure all ingredients, except water, are at
room temperature.
2. Use a liquid measuring cup to measure the water (80°F/27°C) and pour into the Bread Pan.
3. Use a measuring spoon to measure the oil and add to the Bread Pan.
4. Use a measuring spoon to measure the sugar, salt and dry milk; level off with the straight
edge of a knife and add to the Bread Pan.
5. Lightly spoon bread flour into a dry measuring cup; level off with the straight edge of a knife
and add to the Bread Pan.
6. Carefully measure yeast with a measuring spoon; level off with the straight edge of a knife
and add to the Bread Pan. If using Delay Bake Timer, make sure yeast is on top of bread
flour, away from liquids. The Rapid setting for White Bread decreases the time for making
bread by approximately an hour. If you wish to bake a bread in less time, add the amount of
yeast listed for the RAPID Cycle instead of the longer Cycle.
7. Place the Bread Pan into the Breadman®. Push down on the rim until it fits firmly into
place. Close the Lid.
8. Press the
SELECT Button; choose White Bread. Press the CRUST Button to choose Crust
Color. Press the LOAF SIZE Button to choose loaf size. Press the START Button for an
immediate start. If Delay Bake is desired, press the TIMER Buttons to set the Delay
Bake Timer and then press START for delay. (See DELAY BAKE TIMER section in this
Instruction Manual).
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