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Here’s a quick example of a rolled, Mediterranean-style bread using a
French bread recipe:
Press PAUSE at the end of the Shape process (see KNEADING AND
BAKING CYCLE CHART for time details) and remove the Bread Pan.
Close the Lid.
Remove the dough and Kneading Paddle. Roll it out on a clean, lightly
floured surface. Roll the dough into an 8˝ x 13˝ rectangle.
Lightly brush with good olive oil, such as
Tassos. Then, sprinkle with
fresh chopped garlic, basil, rosemary, and sun-dried tomatoes. Top with
1/3 cup of crumbled feta or goat cheese. If you would like, you could even
add 2-3 slices of prosciutto.
Roll the dough up tightly into an 8˝ wide roll. Tuck the ends under and
place into the Bread Pan. Return the Bread Pan to the Breadman®
Ultimate Plus, close the Lid and press the
START Button.
The final rise will begin, immediately followed by the baking process
As the baking begins, press PAUSE again and remove the Bread Pan.
Slash the top crust, gently mist the loaf with cold water, return the Bread
Pan to the Baking Chamber, close the Lid and press
START. Your rustic,
alfresco Mediterranean bread will soon finish baking.
BATTER BREADS: At end of last Knead (check KNEADING AND
BAKING CYCLE CHART), touch the PAUSE Button; then remove
Bread Pan from Breadman® Ultimate Plus. Close Lid. Remove the
Kneading Paddle from the batter. Top batter with Crumb Topping listed
in your recipe. Place Bread Pan back into Breadman® Ultimate Plus, and
press the START Button.
Removing the Kneading Paddle will help prevent tearing the cake/loaf
when it is removed from the Pan after baking.
Do not leave the Lid standing open for extended periods of time.
ALWAYS use an oven mitt when handling the Bread Pan and follow
the Important Safeguards found in the beginning of this book.
When returning breads to Bread Pan without the Kneading Paddle breads
will have only a small hole (the Drive Shaft) in finished product.
Add Crumbled
Toppings to
Coffee Cakes
Bread Recipe
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