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For advanced bakers, the Ultimate has 5 Personal Recipe Memory
Cycles. This means you have 5 personal memories to program and save
for your best, favorite recipes. Again Personal Recipe lets you be as
creative as you need to be with a recipe. If you want the dough to
Knead for 20 minutes, Punch Down for 10 seconds, and rise for an
hour, just program in the numbers. If you want to skip a phase, press
the arrows until you hit zero, then press the PROGRAM
TIME/TEMP Button and move onto the next phase of the Baking
Program. Follow the instructions for SAVE/ERASE as with the Custom
This is the set of programs which the pro’s love.
Personal Recipe lets you factor the brand and type of flour, quality of
yeast — even your climate — into the Cycle times. It’s then set aside
in the Personal Recipe file, away from the regular Cycles for White,
French, Whole Wheat, etc.
We recommend that for your own reference, you keep a log of the time
in the charts provided at the end of this book.
Personal Recipes (1 through 5) appear at the end of the Cycle
selection phase. Refer to the last page of the KNEADING AND
BAKING TIME CHARTS to see what Cycle times and temperatures
are pre-programmed into the Personal Recipes.
Press PROGRAM TIME/TEMP for 1 second
1st press Pre-heat time
2nd press Knead 1 time
3rd press Knead 2 times
4th press Rise 1
5th press Punch
6th press Rise 2
7th press Shape
When you have finished, press
time. The word
SAVE will flash. Select either YES or NO. When you
select YES, the changes will be permanently made. If you selected NO
to save the changes, the Cycle will proceed with the temporary
selections and then revert back to the previously saved times at the
end of the Cycle.
You can also use pre-programmed
Delay Bake in addition to the
manually programmed Cycles. Use the
and arrows to set the time
difference. Press START.
5 Memory Cycles
to Save 5
Personal Recipes
To Activate
8th press Rise 3
9th press Bake
10th press Keep Warm
11th press Temperature
12th press EXTRAS: YES or NO
Do you want Fruits &
Nuts Dispenser activated?
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