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Owner's of the Breadman Bread Maker TR2500BC gave it a score of 4.2 out of 5. Here's how the scores stacked up:
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    4.15 out of 5
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    4.16 out of 5
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    4.25 out of 5
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    4.2 out of 5
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You can pre-program your Breadman® Ultimate Plus so that it bakes
while you are at work or so that fresh bread is ready for you in the
morning or the next day. Simply refer to the KNEADING AND
BAKING CYCLES charts in this Instruction Manual.
Set ahead, Delay Baking does not activate in the Jam Cycle.
Don’t use the Delay Bake Timer if your recipe includes eggs, fresh milk,
or other dairy products, meats, fish, etc. that may spoil.
•Although the Delay Bake Timer is an option for Batter Breads™,
our experience has shown that the recipes included do not mix well
when delayed. You may find a few of your recipes may work well;
therefore, we have given you delay as an option.
To preset your Breadman® Ultimate Plus, follow these steps:
1. Add the ingredients as usual, taking care not to let the yeast and
liquid ingredients contact one another.
2. If your recipe contains salt, please add salt with liquid ingredients,
keeping it away from the yeast.
3. Close the Breadman® Ultimate Plus Lid and plug it in.
4. Select the Cycle you want. The time needed for the selected Cycle
appears in the Display Window.
5. Press the Timer Button once for each 10 minutes you want to
add. (Use the Button to subtract 10 minutes time from the
Timer.) The amount of time you set is shown in the Display Window.
For example, if it is 8 o’clock AM and you want a loaf of bread ready at
1 o’clock PM, press the Timer Button until the display reads 5:00,
meaning it will finish baking in five hours. This is the hour difference
between 8 o’clock AM and 1 o’clock PM.
Note: Actual baking times will not change.
6. Press START to begin the Timer. The colon (:) in the time displayed
begins to flash, letting you know the Timer is started. When the
Display Window indicates 0:00, baking is completed.
7. If you make an error after you’ve activated the program and want to
start over, press and hold RESET. The Timer will clear and you can
begin again.
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