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It has been said that cooking is an art that relies on the creativity of the chef. Baking bread
is much more of a science, since the process of combining flour, water and yeast results in a
chemical reaction that produces bread. You must remember that when the ingredients
combine with each other, they produce a specific result. Read the following information
carefully to gain a better understanding of the importance each ingredient plays in the
bread making process.
All-Purpose Flour
All-purpose flour is a blend of refined hard and soft wheat flours ideally suited for making
quick breads and cakes. The most popular brands of flour have been tested for quick bread
and cakes in the Breadman® Ultimate Plus with excellent results.
Bran (unprocessed) is the coarse outer portion of the wheat or rye grains that is separated
from flour by sifting or bolting. It is often added to bread in small quantities for nutritional
enrichment, heartiness and flavor. It is also used to enhance bread texture.
Bread Flour
Bread flour is a high gluten/protein flour that typically has a higher gluten concentration
than all-purpose flour. Using bread flour with the Breadman® Ultimate Plus will produce
loaves with better volume and structure.
Cornmeal and Oatmeal
Cornmeal and oatmeal come from coarsely ground white or yellow corn and from rolled or
steel-cut oats. They are used primarily to enhance the flavor and texture of the bread.
Cracked Wheat
Cracked wheat has a very coarse texture. It comes from wheat kernels cut into angular
fragments. It gives whole grain breads a nutty flavor and crunchy texture.
Rye Flour
Rye flour must always be mixed with a high proportion of bread flour, as it does not contain
enough gluten to develop the structure for a high, even-grained loaf.
Self-Rising Flour
Self-rising flour contains leavening ingredients that will interfere with bread and cake
Self-Rising Flour is NOT RECOMMENDED for use with your Breadman®
Ultimate Plus Bread Maker.
7 Grain Cereal Blend
7 grain cereal blend is a blend of cracked wheat, oats, bran, rye, cornmeal, flax seeds and
hulled millet.
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