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Resetting the
Custom Program &
Personal Recipe
The most versatile function on the Breadman® Ultimate Plus,
Custom Program is similar to Personal Recipe in that you can
manually change the length of each process of the Bread Maker’s pre-
programmed Cycles.
Unlike Personal Recipe, the Custom Program factors in 1, 1.5, or
2 LB. loaf size and light, medium or dark crust control.
To manually change a pre-programmed Cycle, follow the guidelines
below and you’ll experience the ability to truly regulate a program to
bake your breads, your way.
You can also use Custom Program to change kneading and bake
times in Batter Breads™; heat and stir times in Jam; knead and rise
times in Dough.
Again, use the and arrows to increase or decrease the times and
To use Custom Program:
1. Press SELECT until you reach your preset Cycle, such as White.
A beep will sound. CUSTOM PROGRAM will appear in the
upper left corner of the Display Window.
3. Following the instructions from Personal Recipe, enter or change
the times as outlined. You can use the KNEADING AND
BAKING CYCLES chart in this Instruction Manual as a
4. When you are finished, a final beep will sound. Your Custom
(manual) Program changes have been made.
To reset the Breadman® Ultimate Plus’ memory to its original process
times, in
Personal Recipe or Custom Program, press SELECT until
the Cycle to be changed is in the Display Window. Then press
SAVE/ERASE. The Display Window will prompt ERASE. Signal your
choice by pressing YES.
A beep will sound and the Display Window will return to the pre-
programmed Custom Program or Personal Recipe Cycle times.
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