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LCD 2-way remote operation
The remote start system operates at 434 MHz and incorporates
Directed’s proprietary A.S.K. out-board two-way transceiver. The
high frequency combined with Binary Data communication
achieves superior range with two-way communication.
system signal paging features
A page is the signal the control module sends to the transceiver as
confirmation of receipt of a command or alarm system status.
When the transceiver receives a page it will generate a page notifi-
cation to the user (notifications are audible beeps or the remote
vibrates) and the LCD icons will display the current system status.
Command Page
When a command (arm/disarm, or auxiliary channel) from the
transceiver is sent and received, the system will send a command
page back to confirm receipt.
Page Recognition Mode
The transceiver will leave a zone icon illuminated when it has
received a triggered response and will wait for violation recogni-
tion. Press any button on the transceiver, the LCD information
and alarm page alerts will be cleared.
note: The transceiver buttons will not send a command
to the system until the alarm page is cleared.