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When armed your vehicle is protected as follows:
Light impacts trigger the Warn Away
signal. When triggered,
the siren chirps and the parking lights flash for a few seconds.
Heavy impacts trip a Triggered Sequence. The sequence
consists of the siren sounding continuously and the parking
lights flashing for 30 seconds.
If a door is opened, the system will immediately start
chirping the siren and flashing the parking lights. Three
seconds later, the siren output changes to a continuous blast.
This progressive response gives you time to disarm the system
with your remote if you inadvertently open the door while
the system is armed.
Turning on the ignition key will trip the same progressive re-
sponse as opening a door.
The starter kill prevents the vehicle’s starter from cranking.
warn away
response description
A Warn Away
Response consists of an alarm page along with the
responses described below.
SShhoocckk SSeennssoorr
- Light impacts to the vehicle will flash the
vehicle lights and chirp the siren for a few seconds.
RReemmoottee CCoonnttrrooll NNoottiiffiiccaattiioonn
- Ten quick beeps (or vibra-
note: If any protected entry point (such as a door or a
switch-protected trunk or hood) is open, the system will
not passively arm. Additionally, each time a protected
entry is opened (triggered) during the arming count-
down, the 30-second countdown starts over.