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glossary of terms
Control Unit:
The “brain” of your system. Usually hidden under-
neath the dash area of the vehicle. The control unit houses the
microprocessor which monitors your vehicle and controls all
system functions.
Fault-Proof Starter Interrupt:
An automatic switch controlled by
your system that prevents the vehicle’s starter from cranking
whenever the system is armed. The vehicle is never prevented
from cranking when the system is disarmed, in Valet mode, or if
the starter interrupt switch itself fails. Your system has feature-
ready circuitry for the starter interrupt, however installation may
require additional labor.
A physical connection to the system. An input can be
provided by a sensor, pinswitch or by existing systems in the
vehicle, such as ignition or courtesy lights.
LCD 2-Way Remote:
A hand-held, transceiver which operates and
monitors the various functions of your system.
A red light mounted at a discretionary location inside the
vehicle. It is used to indicate the status of your system.
Shock Sensor:
This system has a dual zone shock sensor. This
sensor is mounted in the vehicle and designed to pick up impacts
to the vehicle or glass.