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- If the ignition is turned on the siren will
chirp for three seconds, then the siren will sound and the lights
will flash for the programmed duration and the remote will
When a Triggered Response is activated the transceiver will:
Repeat four quick beeps (or vibrate) for 15 seconds.
The full trigger alert icon (28) will turn on for 15 seconds.
The zone icons will turn on and remain on until a transceiver
button is pressed, clearing the page alert.
The transceiver will enter page recognition mode and
generate alarm page alerts.
To disarm the security system, press . You will hear two
chirps, and the parking lights will flash twice. If the power locks
are controlled by the system, the doors will also unlock. If the
siren chirps more than twice and the LED continues to flash after
pressing the button, the system was triggered in your
absence (Tamper Alert). Refer to the disarming discussion in the
Diagnostics Section of this guide.
note: Icons 13, 14, 16, and 20 represent alarm system
triggered sequence zone inputs. For more information
about icons and the zones they represent refer to the
Standard Remote Configurations section.