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u To configure an FMEM key
Example: To assign the function “sin
” to the FMEM1 key
1. Press m to enter the COMP Mode.
2. (1) t
(2) “sin
” (fc), then E.
3. Press 1t(STO).
•A number sign (#) next to “FMEM1” or “FMEM2”
indicates that there is already data assigned to the
key. Performing the following steps will replace any
existing data with the new data.
4. Use fc to select “FMEM1”, and then press E.
5. In response to the confirmation screen that appears,
press E(Yes).
• If you want to cancel this operation without assigning
anything to the FMEM1 key, press E instead of E
in step 5.
u To use the configured function memory key in a
Example: To recall the inverse sin function assigned to
the FMEM1 key
•Press 11(FMEM1).
A Initializing the Function Shortcut Settings
1. O19(CLR)
2. “FMEM:EXE” (fc), then E.
3. 1(FMEM1) or 2(FMEM2)
4. A