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Editing Still Images
Automatically corrects images affected by red-eye. You can save the
corrected image as a separate file.
Choose [Red-Eye Correction].
z Press the n button, and then choose
[Red-Eye Correction] on the 1 tab (p. 41).
Choose an image.
z Press the qr buttons or turn the 7 dial to
choose an image.
Correct the image.
z Press the m button.
X Red-eye detected by the camera is now
corrected, and frames are displayed around
corrected image areas.
z Enlarge or reduce images as needed. Follow
the steps in “Magnifying Images” (p. 145).
Save as a new image and review.
z Press the opqr buttons or turn the 7 dial
to choose [New File], and then press the m
X The image is now saved as a new file.
z Follow step 5 on p. 160.
Correcting Red-Eye
Some images may not be corrected accurately.
To overwrite the original image with the corrected image, choose
[Overwrite] in step 4. In this case, the original image will be erased.
Protected images cannot be overwritten.
RAW images cannot be edited this way.
Red-eye correction can be applied to JPEG images shot in , but
the original image cannot be overwritten.