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Using Optional Accessories
Attaching a lens filter to the camera protects the lens and allows you to shoot
with various effects. To attach a lens filter, you will need Filter Adapter FA-
DC58C (sold separately).
Attach the filter adapter.
z Align the notches on the camera and the filter
adapter and turn the adapter in the direction
of the arrow until locked.
z To remove the filter adapter, turn it in the
opposite direction.
Attach a filter.
z Turn the filter in the direction of the arrow to
attach it to the camera.
z Make sure not to attach the filter too tightly.
Doing so could prevent removal of the filter
and damage the camera.
Using Lens Filters (Sold Separately)
Still Images Movies
We recommend the use of genuine Canon filters (58 mm dia.).
When not using auto focus to shoot, set the manual focus option
[Safety MF] to [On].
If you use the built-in flash with the filter adapter attached, portions of
the image may appear darker.
When using the filter adapter, be sure to use only one filter at a time.
Attaching multiple filters, or accessories such as a heavy lens, may
cause the attachments to fall off or damage the camera or adapter.
Do not grip the filter adapter tightly.
Remove the filter adapter when not using a filter.
The filter adapter and a lens hood cannot be attached to the camera at the same