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Before using an Eye-Fi card, always confirm that local use is permitted (p. 3).
Inserting a prepared Eye-Fi card enables automatic wireless transfer of
images to a computer or uploading to a photo-sharing website.
Images are transferred by the Eye-Fi card. Refer to the card’s user manual or
contact the manufacturer for instructions on preparing and using cards or
resolving transfer problems.
Connection status of Eye-Fi cards in the camera can be checked on the
shooting screen (in regular information display mode) or playback screen (in
simple information display mode).
Images labeled with a icon have been transferred.
Using an Eye-Fi Card
When using an Eye-Fi card, keep the following points in mind.
Cards may continue to transmit radio waves even when [Eye-Fi
trans.] is set to [Disable] (p. 213). Remove the Eye-Fi card before
entering hospitals, aircraft, or other areas where transmission is
When troubleshooting image transfer issues, check the card and
computer settings. For details, refer to the card’s user manual.
Poor wireless connections may cause image transfer to take a long
time, and transfer may be interrupted in some cases.
Eye-Fi cards may become hot, due to their transfer functions.
Battery power will be consumed faster than in normal use.
Camera operation may become sluggish. To resolve this, try setting
[Eye-Fi trans.] to [Disable].
(Gray) Not connected
(Blinking white) Connecting
(White) Connected
(Animated) Transfer in progress
Error acquiring Eye-Fi card information (Restart the camera.
Repeated display of this icon may indicate a problem with the
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