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Configure commonly used functions through the FUNC. menu as follows.
Note that menu items and options vary depending on the shooting mode
(pp. 226 – 233).
Access the FUNC. menu.
z Press the m button.
Choose a menu item.
z Press the op buttons to choose a menu
X Available options are shown at the bottom of
the screen.
z In some menu items, functions can be
specified simply by pressing the m or r
button, or another screen is displayed for
configuring the function.
Choose an option.
z Press the qr buttons or turn the 7 dial to
choose an option.
z Options labeled with a icon can be
configured by pressing the n button.
Finish the setup process.
z Press the m button.
X The screen before you pressed the m button
in step 1 is displayed again, showing the
option you configured.
FUNC. Menu
Menu Items
To undo any accidental setting changes, you can restore the camera’s default
settings (p. 179).